Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dentokind® helps ease teething discomfort safely, gently & effectively

Teething discomfort usually starts within baby’s first six months. The pain and discomfort of teething is something every baby – and mum – has to endure. The crying and restlessness, as well as fever, rashes and upset tummies, can be worrying, and may disturb sleep as well as family life. Fortunately, teething symptoms soon subside once the tooth is through. As a mum though, you will want to do all you can to help baby through the distress as safely, gently and effectively as possible.

Your baby will usually feel pain from a few days before a new tooth starts to push through the gums. Once through, the pain and discomfort starts to subside.
Drooling and biting or chewing on hard objects are classic signs that your baby is teething. It will produce lots of saliva which can sometimes irritate the skin around the mouth.

For many babies, the pain seems to be worse at night. Thus, waking at night during teething is common. Earache, diarrhea or a nappy rash can be a problem as well as a slight rise in the body temperature, also known as “teething fever”.
See a doctor though, if baby’s temperature goes over 38.5°C, or if baby is suddenly unwell, or vomiting.
A cool gel-filled teething ring to chew on can help ease the gum pain.
Another option is Dentokind®, which can significantly reduce symptoms, gently and effectively. 

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Monday, June 22, 2015


You are not alone if your baby develops colic. A few weeks after birth, lots of new mums like you find that their baby will cry inconsolably for no apparent reason. Although distressing, this is just a stage that many healthy babies go through in their first few months. Naturally you will want to do what you can to
ease your baby’s discomfort and help is at hand with Colikind® , specially developed to help you treat your baby’s colic safely and gently. 

Colic affects up to 40% of babies between the ages of one to four months.
It is not clear why babies develop colic, but it could be due to changes in their digestive tract as they start to develop. They could have problems digesting properly, producing too much gas, or be sensitive to one or more of the milk components.
Some babies might be generally more sensitive to their surroundings, especially if there is a lot going on around them.
As well as crying that is hard to console, your baby’s tummy might seem bloated, or there might appear to be some cramping.
If your baby is crying for no apparent reason for more than a couple of hours a day on most days, check with the doctor.
The doctor will want to rule out any other conditions, such as infections or inflammations, but it is likely your baby simply has colic. 
Providing baby is feeding well, gaining weight, and is generally healthy there shouldn’t be any problems. 

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Welcome to Mama Natura blog - naturally effective treatments developed especially for babies & children.

Mama Natura® has been developed as a range of homeopathic complex medicines specially designed for babies and young children, providing effective treatments while reassuring mums’ and dads’ concerns about any possible side-effects.
Using safe and gentle natural ingredients in specific combinations which have been proven to compliment each other and even increase their effectiveness, Mama Natura® can be recommended for use from infancy right through the early childhood years to the start of school and beyond.
New mums are especially anxious about what they can use for common childhood ailments, whether it’s baby’s first bout of colic, the onset of teething, digestive problems due to a change in their diet or their first cough and cold. Mama Natura® offers a range of products suitable for these conditions and many of the health problems that crop up from time to time as part of every child’s development.
Mama Natura® products are suited to tackling conditions in the acute phase and then work in the longer term to help the body boost its own coping and defence mechanisms, optimising effectiveness. Start a treatment once symptoms appear, and then use it regularly at less frequent doses while symptoms persist.
All Mama Natura® products are simple and convenient to use – as liquids or tablets that dissolve in the mouth – making it easy for parents to give doses to infants, toddlers or young children.
Mums and dads always want the best for their children, especially when it comes to treating illnesses. When parents come to you looking for advice about their child, they want reassurances that the treatment will be safe, effective, and gentle.
We want you to help and advise them about making the right choice – and that should include choosing Mama Natura®

Mama Natura® products are:
  • developed specially for use in babies and young children
  • can be used in infancy
    (from birth for most products, or from 1 year for Immunokind® and Kindinorm®)
  • are safe and gentle with virtually no side-effects
  • show excellent tolerability
  • are clinically effective
About the company:
DHU was founded in 1961 as an affiliate of the Schwabe Group to concentrate on homeopathic medicines while Schwabe remained focused on phytopharmaceuticals. Its unique expertise in homeopathy goes back over almost 150 years, with its origins lying in the company founded by Dr. Willmar Schwabe.
DHU has been working with patients and health professionals ever since, developing homoeopathic products suitable for people of all ages.
The Mama Natura® product range offers safe, effective and gentle options to treat children’s common ailments, from birth all the way up to the early years at school.

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